Harry's featherweight radioactive kung fu fridge boy has now been completed and shall be fighting in richmond robot club. it is a wedge design powered by argos drill motors and a home made battery!. it also uses homemade speed controllers made from servos and micro switches.

in other news our workshop has more room in it now and has a mini fridge! which should make life alot easier  . all the parts apart from the battery so it shall be completed quite soon. we are working on getting t shirts printed aswel as some mugs for when we're working. jonny is also designing a new featherweight that will be revealed soon ...

electrik eel has now been completed! after a large amount of servos arrived (10) we were able to finish electric eel. unfortuneately he is currently weighing in at 156g but we will soon fix that! in other news a new robot has been constructed "hippie ant 2" it is quite like electrik eel apart from it is longer and has a more powerful flipper. it currently weighs 148g.

We will be fighting at the november roaming robots aswell as the next reading robots club. we don't exactly know when the rrc event will be but we think sometime in september. Jonny shall be entering his robots (mgm2, electrik eel) as a different team due to robot limit per team.